Double Cleanse Kit


If you’ve ever felt that your skin isn’t properly clean, if you wear makeup / SPF, or have problem congested skin, then a Double Cleanse system could well be for you.

Double Cleansing is when you first use a cleansing oil (or balm) to remove makeup, SPF and daily grime. You then follow with a water-based foaming cleanser to clean the face. 

Our Double Cleanse Kit gives you the choice of one of our Biologique Cleansing Oils paired with our Glow Powder Cleanser, in a choice of two sizes with optional organic flannels, with a saving compared to buying the individual products. 

Use this great system of facial cleansing, hugely popular with Korean bloggers and now worldwide, and get your skin clean, bright and glowing. 

Double Cleanse Kit, Double Cleansing
Double Cleanse Kit