Blue Labelle Skincare was founded by Pascale Edwards-Labelle in 2011

Pascale says… I have a passion for all things natural, especially skincare, & have been making botanical oil blends since 2006 after a very good friend introduced me to the amazing benefits of natural nut, seed, & essential oils. I have been using them on my own skin ever since, & started to make them for family and friends to spread the word, & the love! The amazing feedback I received filled me with joy, along with the wider realisation that more and more people are concerned with what their skincare products contain.

Having a degree in business management (BSc Hons) I have always been academic and business minded; so after being made redundant from the renewable energy industry during the economic downturn of 2008 I retrained in the science of organic skincare and set up my own business selling the products I had been formulating as a much-loved hobby.

I completed courses with a number of schools, finishing with my diploma and advanced diploma from Formula Botanica in Organic Skincare Science & Formulation. It was also imperative to study cosmetic legislation. 

I really enjoyed those courses, and am still constantly researching ingredients, products, innovations, trends and changes in our industry. And the studying never ends, I am currently working on diplomas in aromatherapy and herbalism. 

It was actually a friend of mine who came up with the name Blue Labelle, we were brainstorming names over coffee and cake and she just came out with it!

After launching, it wasn’t long before I registered all the products with the Vegan Society, showing our customers that no animal ingredients or testing goes on here at Blue Labelle, and never will.

After a couple of years I upgraded all of our plant oil ingredients from natural to organic, this was a natural progression and shows our commitment to sourcing the best quality ingredients grown in ways to minimise damage to the earth and wildlife. Did you know that organic farms are home to 30% more wildlife on average? 

I now make all of our products in the workroom of our flagship store – Blue Labelle Boutique, which opened in October 2017. It is wonderful being able to meet all of our customers now from the shop, as well as being able to make the products there on site, I’ll never tire of hearing how great the perfumes are emanating from ‘out back’!

I hope you enjoy our products!

signed Pascale



Pascale Edwards-Labelle BSc (Hons) M.A.S, Dip. Organic Skincare Formulation, ADip. Organic Skincare Science

Photos on this page by Holly Jolliffe

Blue Labelle Skincare & essential oils are also available to purchase here, as well as shipping worldwide from this website.

It has been featured in VOGUE, Telegraph magazine, Veggie Magazine, Vegan Life, Top Santé, as well as having been reviewed by numerous beauty bloggers. Read our reviews by clicking here.

Blue Labelle is listed in the Natural Beauty Yearbook and directories including the SkinsMatter Skincare and My Green Directory.

All blends are registered by The Vegan Society – none of the ingredients are animal derived nor have been tested on animals.

Registered by the Vegan Society

All blends have been safety assessed & comply with EU Cosmetics Directive 76/768/EEC.

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