Beauty Blog | Beauty Reviews | Skin Care Reviews
Beauty Blog | Beauty Reviews | Skin Care Reviews
Beauty Blog | Beauty Reviews | Skin Care Reviews
Beauty Blog | Beauty Reviews | Skin Care Reviews
Beauty Blog | Beauty Reviews | Skin Care Reviews
Beauty Blog | Beauty Reviews | Skin Care Reviews

Blue Labelle Skincare has featured in British Vogue, Glamour Magazine, the Telegraph Magazine, Veggie Magazine, Vegan Life, Green Parent Magazine, Top Santé, and local printed press including Style of Wight Magazine.

Our products have also received brilliant beauty reviews from online beauty blogs around the world, below are some of our favourites.

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Glow Powder Cleanser

Beauty Folio Blog (UK) reviews Glow as part of the Double Cleanse Kit

“The exfoliating element is where this Glow Powder Cleanser really comes into its own, leaving the complexion positively glowing. I believe this will remain in my skincare collection for the long haul.”

Glowing Minimalist (UK)

“Their newest launch, the Glow Powder Cleanser, has stolen my heart. It’s such a wonderful, versatile powder that triples as a cleanser, an exfoliant, and as a mask.”

The Green Product Junkie (NYC)

“If you’re looking to brighten up your skin (and make it super smooth) without the use of harsh grains, you’ll love this citrusy new powder with coconut milk powder, pineapple enzyme, Vitamin C and PHA. Plus, the sweet scent makes it even more fun to use!.”

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Divine Blend Treatment Oil

Katie The Green Product Junkie
(New York)

“I’m loving it! I love the way this has made my hair feel – super strong and soft. On the body? Well, my skin smells soooo good, looks dewy and is hydrated!”

Sarita Coren (USA)

“I can’t stop sniffing the Divine Blend, so YUM!!! Purely intoxicating. It’s front and center in my regimen.”

Ana Goes Green (UK)

“My favourite way to use it, is as a body oil, it has a really silky feel and absorbs really well, leaving a beautiful scent behind. As a pre-shampoo treatment it helps make hair more manageable and tackles frizz, you can also use divine blend as bath oil and cleanser, so it really does cover lot’s of steps.”

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Moringa & Raspberry Seed Face Oil

Kim Wallace Kimberlyloc (USA)

“Blue Labelle’s Moringa & Raspberry Seed Face Oil is fantastic. It’s an affordable, truly organic option for those looking for powerful, clean skincare. It’s a definite “recommend!” from me.”

Naturia Beauty
“I love how it absorbs into the skin almost instantly, leaving the skin matte and it’s been really helping to balance my combination areas.“

Beauty Blog | Beauty Reviews | Skin Care Reviews

Kinder Health & Beauty

 “It’s amazing, my skin looks brighter when using this, softer, hydrated & plumper.“

Wifelife (USA)

 “One of their beautifully soft cloths used with their Petitgrain & Tamanu Cleansing Oil and Moringa & Raspberry Seed Facial Oil was all I needed for toned, nourished skin.”

9 out of ten

 “It’s very nourishing but doesn’t sit heavy on the skin, sinking in almost instantly, making it perfect for combination/oily skin. It left my skin with a glow.”

Smells like a Green Spirit (Luxembourg)

“I use it every morning, definitely a gorgeous blend! I have already repurchased.”

I Like Tweet

 “My current favourite, this works like a charm, leaving your skin satin soft and matte to the touch.”

Must Be Pink (Portugal)

“It blends well in the face, leaving no trace of oil, the smell is fantastic and packaging really practical, I use it every day!“

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Blue Labelle Spa

Vegan Beauty Review (USA)

“I could almost feel the gunk and toxins being drawn to the surface of my skin, my face always feels refreshed and glow-y when I rock this bad boy.”

Sarita Coren (USA)

“I’m crushing hard on Rhassoul Clay, it has already proven its weight in gold.”

Beauty Balm blog (Scotland)

“My new favourite face mask, I’ve been really impressed with the performance of the clay powder“

Beauty Blog | Beauty Reviews | Skin Care Reviews

Hello Purple Clouds

“One of the most luxurious and pampering home treatments I have ever found”

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Light & Balancing Facial Oil

Katie Vibes Vegan & Natural Beauty Blog

 “I’m absolutely loving this light facial oil and it is brilliant for my combo/oily skin.”

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Marula & Amaranth Face Oil

The Green Product Junkie (New York USA)

“I receive a lot of face oils to test and I have only one drop of this left. What does that tell you? I’m not kidding, I have chosen to take this on all of my recent trips. Big fan here!”

Ana Goes Green

“The quality of this oil is superb, it imparts a healthy glow & plenty of nourishment.“

Beauty Blog | Beauty Reviews | Skin Care Reviews

Fragmented Splendour

“A do all wonder-oil, especially lovely after a treatment session to calm redness & nourish.”

Vegan Beauty Review (USA)

“A potent anti-aging blend with skin-lovin’ yummies like carrot seed, marula, and jojoba oils – loads of vitamin C, E, and omegas, love these oils so much!”

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Argan & Sea Buckthorn Face Oil

Beauty Balm (Scotland)

“This easily absorbed oil smells fab. I’m a huge fan of any beauty product which contains sea buckthorn.”

Amazing PR

“Our personal favourite, we’ll certainly be using this great oil to keep our skin looking young.”

Beauty Blog | Beauty Reviews | Skin Care Reviews

Elaine’s Beauty Reviews

“I love this oil. It just feels so lush on the skin, smooth in texture, spreads evenly, packed with all natural ingredients and very nourishing so I’m really happy I got this, and I’ll definitely buy another when this runs out!”

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Petitgrain & Tamanu Cleansing Oil
Beauty Blog | Beauty Reviews | Skin Care Reviews

Kinder Health & Beauty

“This is an outstanding facial cleanser” Joint winner in blog post “Top oil cleansers in the market”.

This Natural Bee

“This is up there as one of my top cleansers… a keeper!”

Vegan Beauty Review (USA)

“I’ve seen my skin transform, and noticeably so. I wind up having to use fewer products, and my skin never feels tight or irritated, just clean and soft. Oh, and this oil blend has a beautiful earthy and citrus aroma. I actually look forward to washing my face every night.”

Beauty Blog | Beauty Reviews | Skin Care Reviews

Elaine’s Beauty Reviews (Italy)

From ‘Skincare Discovery of the Year post: “The cleansing oil feels lush, smooth, so easy to spread, and effective for removing make up.”

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Chamomile & Avocado Cleansing Oil

The Green Product Junkie (New York)

“The best clean I get is when I use a cleansing oil, this one has become my new favourite. Why? It gets everything off and you get a really great clean, leaves the skin so soft, (&) the scent of it is wonderful.”


“It is a lovely blend and a pleasure to use, I highly recommend Blue Labelle products.”

Beauty Blog | Beauty Reviews | Skin Care Reviews

Vegan Beauty Studio (Germany)

“If you are on the hunt for an amazing, high-quality organic skincare product, then make sure to check this out!”

Bambi Organics (Italy)

“This cleanser is smooth and delicate ideal for sensitive and dry skin, it works perfectly, breaking down mascara eye makeup and lipstick instantly, with the relaxing scent of geranium”.

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