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Biologique Organic Face Oils

Our wonderful organic face oils were two years in the making and were confident weve got one that will match your skin care needs. The Marula & Amaranth face oil is our nourishing fortifying blend for dry or sensitive skin; with squalene content from the Amaranth, and antioxidant power from the Marula oil. The Moringa & Raspberry Seed face oil is a beauty blogger favourite, with a gorgeous perfume from the plant and essential oils. This blend balances – formulated for all skin types it will leave combination skin both nourished and less oily Our best-selling Argan & Sea Buckthorn face oil is for those looking for age-confidence. It keeps your skin in its optimum condition – replenishing lost nutrients such as omega oils. With wonder-oils including Rosehip, Evening Primrose, and of course Argan & Sea Buckthorn this firm favourite leaves skin glowing and rejuvenated. Enjoy our Biologique organic face oils!