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Balancing Skincare for All Skins Especially Oily Skin – Skin Care for Combination Skin

Skincare for this skin type can be hard to find, some may think using oils on oily skin is wrong but actually if you deny your skin of oils it can end up being oilier! Diet and lifestyle changes can also reduce oiliness, and by using one or two of the following products we hope you’ll see a reduction in your shine. They have been designed to balance and normalise oiliness, whilst ensuring your skin has the right nutrients for it to be at its best.

All products are suitable for combination skin too – nourishing dry areas whilst balancing oily areas.

Products including hard-working facial cleansers, balancing face oils and Rhassoul clay for cleansing masks and scrubs.

Products for this skin type were the first formulas I created, as it’s my skin type! Once I’d realised that starving skin of oils just makes skin oilier (note to my teenage self!) I revelled in using these nourishing ingredients to naturally balance by skin. I hope you enjoy them too! Pascale x