Is Coconut Oil Right for Your Skin? Article by Julie Longyear

Great article by Julie Longyear
Great article by Julie Longyear

This is a fascinating and well researched article by fellow organic skincare maker & Blissoma founder Julie Longyear, in Missouri USA. We all love coconut oil but unfortunately if you’re prone to oily or congested skin it can lead to more congestion and blocked pores. Interestingly, Julie also explains how if you’re prone to very dry skin you may also have problems using this ingredient. 

It’s a real shame because the ability to cook with coconut oil at high temperatures makes it a safe alternative to oils such as olive which shouldn’t be used at high temperatures. Its lauric acid content also makes it really useful in treating internal problems such as candida. It is also readily available in organic raw form, compared to other oils which are mainly sold in non-organic heat expeller pressed (high heat) extraction.

So if you find yourself (like me) as one of those who can’t use coconut oil daily due to its potential to clog / dry skin but you still want it in your life, use it in moderation; as a cooking oil if you’re doing high heat cooking, or my favourite way – on toast with banana (oh golly you have to try it).

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