Tamanu Oil – Tamanu Oil Benefits

Tamanu Oil - Tamanu Oil Benefits

We use Certified Organic Cold-Pressed (Raw), Unrefined, and Fairly Traded Tamanu Oil from a Community Project in Madagascar

Tamanu Oil Plant Description

The Tamanu tree is indigenous to the tropical zone of South east Asia, including the Polynesian islands, but is also grown in other tropical areas including the Island of Madagascar. It is slow-growing, but may grow up to 30m high. It blooms twice a year with fragrant white flowers, which yield clusters of yellow round fruit from which the oil is cold-pressed after a period of drying. 100kg of nuts (one tree’s annual production) presses into just 5kg of cold-pressed oil, which is why this oil is highly prized and expensive. The tree prefers salty and sandy soil which means you’ll find it growing near to the sea.

Tamanu Oil History

Tamanu Oil is known by native Tahitians as a “sacred oil’ and “green gold”, used for centuries to heal wounds and promote skin regeneration. It was thought that god hid in its branches, and offered skin protection from the elements. All parts of the plant have been used medicinally.

Its unique ‘cicatrising’ property caused it to be researched by French researchers in 1918, where cases were recorded of amazing recoveries from severe infectious skin conditions from its topical application.

Tamanu Oil Benefits

Tamanu Oil has a very complex chemistry which isn’t fully understood, but it is rich in fatty acids, including a unique one – Calophyllic Acid, which may be behind its remarkable ability to aid skin tissue regeneration. It also contains anti-inflammatory beneficial fatty acids including Palmitic acid which aids skin smoothness, and up to 17% Stearic Acid which is an excellent cleansing agent.

Tamanu Oil benefits skin in so many ways! It has been used for centuries to promote blemish-free skin that is healthy and clean, to help reduce acne and fade scars. It has been used against psoriasis and eczema, as well as to reduce swelling from bites and burns. Scientific literature has found antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties, hence its healing affect on all manner of skin complaints and problems. A true wonder oil.

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