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Sweet Orange Oil – Aroma 

Refreshing & zesty citrus perfume.


Oranges are thought to have originated in China and North Eastern India, potentially first cultivated in China 2500bc. The Arabic word Narandj is thought to be the root of the word Orange, with Europe being introduced to the bitter orange variety from the crusaders of the 11th century. The edible sweet variety came over later, and was considered a luxury item. By the mid-17th century it was known across Europe.

Spanish missionaries took the fruit over to North America, where now California enjoys a huge industry in Orange County.

170px OUDRY Orange Tree
 Jean-Baptiste OudryThe Orange Tree, 1740

According to J Morton’s ‘Fruits of warm climates’ the orange tree is the most grown fruit tree in the world, with the Citrus Genome Database stating Orange accounts for 70% of citrus fruit production. 

In Wanda Sellar’s “The Directory of Essential Oils” Wanda recalls Paris awarding Venus a ‘golden apple’ which was actually said to be an orange, in a beauty contest. In return Venus gave Paris the beautiful Helen, forgetting to mention that Helen was already married…

Sweet Orange Oil Plant Description

This essential oil is made from pressing the nearly ripe peels of the sweet orange. Orange trees make beautiful smelling blossoms, and essential oils can be made from these blossoms (Neroli) as well as the leaves (Petitgrain). 

Main constituents: Nerol (Alcohol), Citral (Aldehyde), Limonene (Terpene), Methyl anthranilate (Ester).

Sweet Orange Essential Oil Benefits

A great skin tonic for all skin types -working effectively on dry dull and ageing skin, or with its astringent action benefiting oily and acne-prone skin. It also supports collagen production in the skin. 

Properties for the Mind

Sweet orange oil is said to refresh the spirit and encourage a more positive outlook on life. Its sunny aroma will help to relieve stress and tension.

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Historical information found mainly from Wikipedia and Morton, J. 1987 Fruits of warm climates.

Property information from Seller, W The Directory of Essential Oils.



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