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Organic Beauty Week Blue Labelle

It’s Organic Beauty Week! Part of Organic September, this week has been established to raise awareness of the benefits of choosing organic skincare, not just to yourself but to the land the ingredients are grown on, the wildlife that shares that land, and the people that work the land. Why not add a new organic product to your skincare routine this week!

Organic is very important to Blue Labelle, we now only have two blends which aren’t 100% organic (and we’re working on that!). This is apart from our Rhassoul Clay, which can’t be classed as organic as it isn’t grown or botanical. The skincare we make doesn’t require emulsifiers, preservatives or other synthetic compounds, so we can produce blends made solely from organically grown plant ingredients, super! As well as using organic ingredients, everything we make & sell has been registered by The Vegan Society, because animal cruelty is as abhorrent to us as covering the land in toxic pesticides.

To celebrate Organic Beauty Week you can get 20% off the first item in your cart by using code OBW20. The offer applies to all of our products made from 100% organically grown ingredients, which is everything apart from the Replenishing Facial oil, and Moroccan Spa category. Kits also aren’t applicable, although they are 100% organic they just already have 20% off as standard!

Choose your favourite Blue Labelle blend or something new – we have two new organic essential oils in Geranium Bourbon and Clary Sage, both beautiful oils for the feminine they smell gorgeous and relax the mind as well as having a multitude of remedy applications.

Organic Geranium Bourbon oil

Enjoy your Organic Beauty Week!

Best wishes,
pascale x



One use of code per customer, offer ends midnight Sunday 24th September. No Kits or products that aren’t 100% organic.


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