Xmas Gift Set Collab’ with Wyatt & Jack

Balance Gift SetHave you seen our AMAZING Biologique Gift Sets yet? We’re so excited that the brilliant Wyatt & Jack (fellow Isle of Wight-ers) have custom-made us some truly original bags to give our sets with, so they’re at least 2 gifts in 1, if not more! They all come with our 100% organic skincare blends, & new organic hemp facial cloths.

The bag pictured left is made from retired bouncy castle vinyl, and with its bright orange gorgeousness we picked it to match our Balance Gift Set which comprises our Moringa & Raspberry Seed Face Oil, Petitgrain & Tamanu Cleansing Oil, an organic hemp facial cloth, and this funky pouch which can be used as a cosmetic bag, purse, travel bag, you name it! It is lined with clear PVC and either comes with a hot pink zip (Bijou size set £29) or navy blue zip (pictured, Luxe size set £49). This gift set suits all skin types including those with problem, oily or unbalanced skin tone.

There are 2 other gift sets to choose from: Nourish which comprises the Marula & Amaranth Face Oil, Chamomile & Avocado Cleansing Oil, and an organic hemp cloth in a pouch made from pink & orange deck chair fabric. Choose this gift set for those with dry or sensitive skin.

Bijou Nourish Gift Set, Blue Labelle








And the Rejuvenate set – our Argan & Sea Buckthorn Face Oil, Petitgrain & Tamanu Cleansing Oil, and hemp cloth in a blue / turquoise deck chair fabric bag. This set is packed with age-defying bioactive compounds so would suit anyone looking to protect their skin from the tests of lifestyle and age.

Bijou Rejuvenate Gift Set



What’s even more eco about these bags is that the deck chairs are from beaches just 4 miles up the coast from us (Sandown Bay) which we think is a wonderful thing. 



We hope you’ll agree that these gift sets will delight anyone they are offered to, or will be something to look forward to if they’re going on your own gift wish list. They are super limited edition so please make sure you order yours before we sell out! And enjoy your gifts! Visit our Christmas Gifts page by clicking here.

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