biologique c’est magnifique!

Our brand new 100% organic range, formulating nutrient-rich oils & CO2 extracts together into concentrated plant oil blends     

biologique c'est magnifique! Blue Labelle Skincare Organic Range        

It is rare to find 100% organic skincare due to the need for additives in creams or choosing ingredients that can’t be certified organic. At Blue Labelle however we wanted to offer a range that was 100% organic; for maximum benefit to your skin, the land the plants are grown on, and the wildlife that shares that land. Ingredients grown far from home are also Fairly Traded where possible ensuring fair wages for workers but also work free from the toxic chemicals associated with non-organic farming. The whole range is registered by the Vegan Society, and proudly carries their trademark logo.        

We have also chosen to only use cold-pressed plant oils which means fragile ingredients keep their nutritional content without the damage caused by heat; add to this the CO2 extracts which produce more complete nutritional profiles of plants and the result? Raw organic pure oil blends which are incredibly nutritious and leave your skin rejuvenated, smoother, fortified and radiant.

And the name? biologique is French for organic, of organic farming, related to the production of natural things without chemicals and study of natural things; and looking back at the last two years we believe this suited Blue Labelle and the new range perfectly.

It took a long time to find the right ingredients and suppliers but we believe it was worth the wait.

We hope you enjoy our new range as much as we have enjoyed learning researching testing and formulating it. With love,
pascale x


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