All About Jojoba Oil

Jojoba Oil | How Jojoba Oil Benefits Skin

We use Certified Organic, Golden, Cold-Pressed extraction (Raw) Jojoba Oil.

Jojoba Oil is actually a wax ester, produced in the seed of the jojoba plant, native to North America. The oil makes up approximately 50% of the seed.

A Brief History of Jojoba Oil

Native Americans have used Jojoba Oil for thousands of years as a mystical treatment for sunburn, dried out skin and other cosmetic purposes such as moisturising body oils. In the 1980s it became a substitute for sperm whale oil, as out of all the compounds in nature, it is supposedly the most similar to our skin oil (sebum).

Jojoba Oil Benefits for Skin

  • It is seen as one of the finest cosmetic ingredients in the world benefiting all skin types: nourishing dry skin, balancing oily skin and smoothing out ageing skin.
  • It is rich in natural ceramides, EFAs and antioxidants, to support healthy skin barrier function and help to repair a damaged barrier.
  • It has an affinity with our skin so is easily absorbed without leaving a residue.
  • It is nourishing and moisturising, and leaves skin with a beautiful glow.
  • It blends with our own natural oils to form a protective yet breathable film, and its phytosterol content helps skin cell function, resulting in calmer softer skin.
  • Jojoba Oil maintains skin elasticity and suppleness, with dermatological tests showing it can increase suppleness by up to 50% for up to 8 hours.
  • It has also been used in treatments for skin complaints such as eczema, scarring, and rosacea.
  • For hair and scalp Jojoba Oil penetrates deep into the hair follicles moisturising both head and hair leaving it super conditioned.

Organic Jojoba Oil truly is a wonderful ingredient so its no wonder that we use it in many of our products, find it in all of the skincare below:



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Image: Photo taken by Katja Schulz, from Flikr.