Castor Oil – Composition & Uses

Castor Oil | Castor Oil for Skin | Blue Labelle Skincare

We use cold-pressed certified organic Castor Oil

Castor Oil contains antioxidants, minerals, proteins, omega 3, 6 & 9 essential fatty acids, vitamin E. Rich in ricinoleic acid- a unique omega 9 fatty acid which is thought to give it its healing properties. It is obtained from castor beans, the best of which come from India.

History: Castor Oil has been used for thousands of years, castor bean seeds were found in Egyptian tombs thought to be 4000 years old. The Dutch call it Wonder Oil, others prefer Palma Christi (or Hand of Christ, a term coined in Ancient Rome), and its vast array of medicinal benefits include improving organ and immune function through its ability to reduce toxicity levels in the body.

Castor Oil for Skin

Its high fat content makes it a thick sticky oil absorbed slowly by the skin. It nourishes the skin, slows the signs of ageing, soothes itchy irritated skin, and heals damaged skin. Its consistency and ability to draws oils to itself is why we use it in our cleansing oils, as well as its healing properties making our cleansers gentle yet efficacious.

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