A 150g pot of Rhassoul Clay to use for natural face masks, scrubs and more. Just add water!

Comes with optional bamboo spoon, face mask brush and bowl.

Makes around 40 face masks and can also be used to wash hair and body.

Registered by the Vegan Society


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Rhassoul Clay - for Natural Face Masks
Rhassoul Clay Powder

Rhassoul Clay • The King of Clays

Activate a little Rhassoul Clay Powder with liquid and use it in a multitude of ways, including face masks, hair washing, body wash and scrubs.

Rhassoul clay is found only at the foot of the Atlas Mountains in Morocco, dug out by hand and simply washed & dried in the sun. It has superior mineral content to other clays, with beneficial elements including magnesium & iron found within it. It has incredible absorbing properties, on the skin this equates to toxins being drawn out and absorbed by the clay, leaving it clean & refreshed. 

Available to buy on its own, with a bamboo spoon, or with both a bamboo spoon & bamboo mask brush. New! Now also available to purchase with spoon, brush + a ceramic Moroccan bowl! Previously the bowl was only available with the Moroccan Spa Set. Free UK shipping when choosing ‘spoon + brush’ or ‘spoon brush + bowl’ options. The clay comes in a recyclable aluminium pot.

Rhassoul clay is a true delight and will leave your skin replenished, clean & glowing. This 150g jar could make up to 40 face masks, fewer applications will be made if used for body or hair washing. 

Please note the mask brush may look different to the image. 















100% Moroccan Rhassoul Clay.

Spoon: 100% bamboo

Brush: Bamboo handle with synthetic fiber bristles. 

Bowl: Ceramic bowl 

All Registered by The Vegan Society, no animal ingredients used or animal testing.


Read the Ingredient Page on Rhassoul Clay to find out more.

Rhassoul is a versatile clay that be used to make natural face masks, soap, scrubs & body & hair wash.

Through ionic exchange Rhassoul Clay’s negative charge draws positively charged toxins from skin whilst its mineral content replenishes skin.

How To Use

Make your Rhassoul Clay paste

Rhassoul Clay should only be mixed in & with non-metal spoons & bowls. Add one spoon of clay powder to a bowl, gently shake to flatten. Add around 1.5 spoons of water to cover the powder. You could use filtered water or hydrosols (floral waters) such as Lavender or Rose. Leave for approx 5 minutes to activate. Once done it should have the consistency of a thick mousse. You now have a number of ways to use your clay paste:

Natural Face Masks

Once your Rhassoul Clay paste has activated, use fingers or preferably a mask brush to apply a thick layer to your face. Sit back and relax. Face mask for dry skin or sensitive: leave on around 5 minutes or until you feel it begin to tighten. Face mask for oily skin or congested: For these skin types the mask can be left up to 15 minutes. Mask can be kept moist by draping a hand-hot cloth over the face. Like all clay masks – do not allow it to dry hard! Clay masks have 3 phases:
1) The wet phase where skin absorbs minerals from the clay,
2) The cool phase where the clay begins to dry & contract stimulating blood flow and,
3) The dry phase where it will dry the skin out, the mask feels hard.
When the mask is beginning to dry (end of phase 2), massage your skin to exfoliate then using warm water & a wash cloth remove your rhassoul clay mask. Skin may look pleasantly flushed, and it will feel baby soft.

Rhassoul Clay Facial Scrub
Using a brush or fingers apply activated clay paste to your face. Massage your skin to exfoliate, removing dead skin cells & toxins. Rinse off with warm water.

Rhassoul Clay Body Wash
Massage clay paste all over wet skin. Rinse off, skin will clean & soft. 

Rhassoul Clay Hair Wash / Mask
Benefits all hair types. Use at least 4 spoons of water for 2 full spoons of clay powder to cover hair, mixing into a runny paste. Wet your hair & pour clay over your head. Massage in, leaving for up to five minutes (don’t let it dry), comb clay through then rinse out thoroughly. The clay absorbs oils & dirt from hair and at the same time replenishes it with minerals leaving it refreshed & clean. Long hair may require more clay paste.  

Spot Treatment
Try a dab of clay paste to a facial spot to draw out toxins and promote healing.

Extra Options
Add a few drops of oil to your Rhassoul Clay paste, Argan oil has been used for centuries with Rhassoul Clay.
Add a drop of Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) to lower the pH of your mask, this is especially good for acne-prone skin. 
Make a small cup of diluted (at least 50%) ACV in water and rinse hair with it after Rhassoul Clay hair treatments. 

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Beauty Blogger Love

Vegan Beauty Review (USA) “I could almost feel the gunk and toxins being drawn to the surface of my skin, my face always feels refreshed and glow-y when I rock this bad boy.”

Sarita Coren (USA) “I’m crushing hard on Rhassoul Clay, it has already proven its weight in gold.”

Beauty Balm blog (Scotland) “My new favourite face mask, I’ve been really impressed with the performance of the clay powder“

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