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Light Nourish & Cleanse Kit


Purchase your Light & Balancing facial oil with a cleansing oil and save! These two product types work so well together as a skin care set.

Available to buy with 1 or 2 of our gorgeous thick cotton flannels, made from soft organic fairly-traded cotton. 

Please note your bottles might have a dripper cap top instead of our usual pumps – we are trialling these out as they are more easily recyclable than the pumps. To use, simply tip the bottle, wait a second or two for the oil to come through, then it will drip out quite quickly – 3-5 drops is an average dose. Don’t try & shake the drops out this doesn’t work. The label may still refer to dosage in ‘pumps’. Let us know any feedback! And if you get a drip cap and would prefer to have a pump, just drop us an email at info@bluelabelle.co.uk and we’ll post one out to you straight away. 


Light Nourish & Cleanse Kit
Light Nourish & Cleanse Kit