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Our range of Home Fragrance products are sure to delight and uplift your household, whilst purifying the air and delivering essential oil perfumes. These special aroma diffusers are gorgeous and include features such as timers, independent lights and bluetooth speaker.

Aroma diffusers work by ultrasonic action on water, where a few drops of essential oils are added and are vibrated to make a cold vapour. No heat is used so the pure aroma of the essential oils is sent out in a relaxing plume, along with mood lighting. Ideal for any room of the house including the bedroom, these aroma diffusers shut off automatically when the water runs out making them safe and efficient.

Also here you’ll find our new aromatherapy box sets. Choose from ‘Essentials’ or ‘Indulgence’ both coming in lovely wooden boxes. They include a selection of organic essential oils that will make for beautiful home fragrancing, as well as of course home remedies and other uses.

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