Holiday Skincare Essentials – What Pascale Took To Mallorca

We’re back from holiday, was it all just a dream?! 10 days in Mallorca with my love whizzed by, we had such a brilliant time. We split the time between the capital city of Palma and the beach resort of Puerto Pollença, we saw two contrasting sides of the island, and enjoyed them both. Lots of great food and sunshine made it hard to leave, now we just have the memories and photos to look back on.

It can be difficult to know what are the holiday skincare essentials that you need to take away with you, especially if like us, you just take cabin luggage so space and product volume are limited. So here i’ll share the Blue Labelle products I took with me to Mallorca, and I hope they help you work out what is best for you too! All of these products come in handy Travel Sizes, making them easy to take in your clear travel bag through airport security. They are also all multi-tasking, which means instead of taking multiple products you can streamline what you’re taking in your luggage.

I’m focusing on Blue Labelle skincare products in this post, but I wanted to add that of course SPF sunscreen is a holiday ESSENTIAL – every day, on the face and body, reapplying when needed. I took the Green People SPF 30 for our faces, and I picked up a ‘mini size’ SPF 50 for our bodies from Boots.


To use as my first or only thorough cleanse I took our Petitgrain & Tamanu Cleansing Oil. This hard-working cleanser takes off all traces of SPF, daily dirt & grime, make-up and anything else that accumulates through the day. Removed with a flannel it is also a gentle exfoliating step of your routine, which is really important for healthy skin. When you’ve been walking around a hot city all day, it feels SO GOOD to massage a cleansing oil onto your skin, feeling all the dirt and oils accumulate, then washing it all off with warm water and a flannel. BLISS.

Holiday Skincare Essentials - A good cleanser

To use as a second cleanse or a general lighter cleanse I took our Glow Hydrating Face & Body Wash, which I used on my face, and body! It smells so light and uplifting with Geranium Bergamot and Orange, and with hyaluronic acid and green tea it also provides hydration and antioxidant power, both needed on holiday skin! My skin felt clean and fresh after each time I used it. Housed in a sugarcane ‘plastic’ bottle it’s also super light for baggage.

Holiday Skincare Essentials - A hydrating cleanser


I brought a 50ml bottle of our organic Rose Water Mist on the trip, it was luscious during the hot days to mist my face cooling it down, but also it makes the perfect base to apply facial oil on top of. Some evenings I also used it as a traditional toner wiping it across my face from a cotton pad. You can also use it as a pillow mist.

Holiday Skincare Essentials - A refreshing rosewater


The Glow Botanical Gel was arguably the most important product I took with us. We both used this aloe-vera based gel day and night on face and body. It cooled our skin, provided it with antioxidants, hydrated it, soothed bites, and helped to counter the effects of the sun. I looked forward to using it every day after my afternoon shower before heading out for the evening, my parched summer skin became silky soft, replenished and glowing. Any skin blushed pink from the sun was instantly calmed, soothed, and rejuvenated. It was my eye product, my after-sun, my face and body moisturiser, my much-needed skin cooler!

Holiday Skincare Essentials - Aloe vera gel

For a facial oil I took our Marula & Amaranth face oil. After cleansing of an evening applying this nourishing blend with Chamomile & Lavender was just what our skin needed, it worked really well with the Glow gel too so give our faces all that they needed after a day in the sun. Both marula oil and amaranth extract work brilliantly on dry parched skin, helping to fortify it and leave it strengthened and working at its best. Joyous extracts all around.

Holiday Skincare Essentials - Nourishing facial oil

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Oh Divine Blend how we love thee. I’ve been taking this little bottle of wonderful ingredients on holidays for a decade now! Its the perfect holiday product because it’s a multi-tasker: aftersun, hair treatment, face and body nourisher, cleanser, and more! After being in the pool or sea my hair was really crying out for some love, so I regularly massaged some of the Divine Blend through it, left it wrapped in a towel for say an hour, then shampoo’d it out. Hello lovely soft locks! It also made skin all over silky soft, and of course it smells divine!

Holiday Skincare Essentials - multi-tasking body oil


Another holiday essentialLavender essential oil. This little bottle got used a lot. My partner used it in every bath he took. I used it on mosquito bites and also to deter bugs from biting. I added a couple of drops to a tissue by my pillow to help me sleep in a bed that wasn’t my own. I used it in a scalp massage when I had a headache one day. And it helped calm any nerves I had whilst traveling. Lavender essential oil has so many uses it really is a travel essential for us, I thank nature for these wonderful plants and what they do for us!

Holiday Essentials - Lavender essential oil

I also took a new formula i’m testing out with me… packed with skin-loving nutrients this serum deeply nourished our skin and really helped it to glow. More of that coming soon if tests continue to go well!

Well that’s it for my round-up of products I took with me to Mallorca, my holiday skincare essentials. I hope you’ve enjoyed this post, let me know in the comments any questions you have, or tell us your holiday skincare essentials!

Holiday Skincare Essentials by Pascale of Blue Labelle

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