7 Tips for Your Best Winter Skin

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So, it’s February. We’ve nearly made it through the darkest, coldest days (thank goodness) but are you still experiencing the classic dry winter skin stories that we’re all too familiar with… dehydrated, dull, chapped or just more dry than normal?  

Remedies for dry skin are some of the things we get asked for the most, especially at this time of year, so we want to share with you that, which in our experience, are the 7 best winter skin care tips you can follow for glowing, hydrated and healthy looking skin.  

With the heating turned up, cold winds on our face and generally less moisture in the air, we just need to pay that extra bit of TLC to our skin during these months, using the following products can help to support healthy skin function and keep it at its best. This doesn’t need to involve an entire overhaul of products or routines but just a few minor changes can really create a world of difference.  

So lets dive in….  

  1. A gentle cleansing routine. Yes, this literally does mean using a gentle cleanser, one which isn’t harsh and doesn’t strip our skin of moisture. Also best to avoid washing with hot water as this further dries out the skin, using warm water is always best. It’s really important when we’re using extra creams, oils or lotions on our skin that we cleanse really well, we need to make sure we remove all build ups, dirt, SPF’s etc.

Blue Labelle recommends –  Chamomile and Avocado cleansing oil, this will deeply cleanse your skin whilst calming any irritation and also moisturise at the same time.. winner! The formula is rich in ceramides and EFAs which are vital for healthy skin barrier function.

  1. Keep skin hydrated. Using mists and serums at this time of year is highly beneficial. You can then apply your moisturiser on top of damp skin and lock in that extra layer of hydration, or simply use it throughout the day.

Blue Labelle recommendsOrganic Rose Water Mist (added bonus that the smell of this mist is so beautiful!) 

  1. Be aware of harsh ingredients. If you’re using products that contain strong exfoliants or retinols, perhaps reduce your use of these during the winter, to avoid damaging the skin barrier or making skin even drier. Of course you can still use an exfoliator but try a gentler one, that helps to remove the dry, flaky skin which can be more prevalent in winter; revealing fresh healthy stimulated skin underneath.

Blue Labelle recommendsGlow Powder Cleanser, gentle yet effective. 

  1. Moisturise twice a day (including hands & lips). One of the main properties of a moisturiser is to stop the dry winter air / heating etc drawing moisture out of the skin drying it out, to lock in moisture & healthy oils keeping the skin’s barrier working well. Applying a facial oil on top of moist skin (like from a facial mist) locks in that moisture as well as providing hydration & nourishment – both critical for healthy winter skin. Facial oils contain essential lipids (ceramides) and fatty acids (EFAs), vital for a healthy skin barrier which keeps skin protected, and moisturised. Lips tend to be drier in the winter so don’t forget to take a lip balm out with you on a daily basis! And our hands take a battering from cold weather, washing in cold water etc resulting in dry chapped & rough skin, so make sure you use a nourishing hand care product. 

Blue Labelle recommendsMarula & Amaranth face oil (especially great for dry and sensitive skin). The brand new GLOW face oil. Our Blue Labelle range of lip balms. Blue Labelle Hand & Nail Oil Serum

  • Bonus tip! Looking for a fab way to get your facial oil penetrating further whilst performing a little self care & giving yourself a facial massage / natural face lift? Then try one of our gemstone rollers, the Jade Roller Kit now comes with a gua sha tool for expert level lymphatic drainage / puffiness reduction! 
  1. Wear an SPF, even on dull cloudy days. Damaging UVA rays can still reach our skin on cold cloudy days (and through windows!), even though you’re not getting a tan. In fact UVA rays penetrate much deeper than the sunburn causing UVB rays resulting in structural collagen damage; premature ageing lines & wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, and making skin more vulnerable to adverse conditions, like winter weather! Use an SPF which protects against UVA and UVB rays, and also contains antioxidants to mop up those pesky free radicals at the skin’s surface.

Blue Labelle recommendsGreen People SPF 30 

7 Tips for Your Best Winter Skin

Photo by Wioletta Płonkowskaon Unsplash

7 Tips for Your Best Winter Skin

Photo by Giorgi Iremadzeon Unsplash

7 Tips for your Best Winter Skin

Photo by Maria Shaninaon Unsplash

  1. Keep hydrated on the inside too! When the weather is colder it can be much more appealing to drink cup of tea after cup of tea with the desire of having something warm to wrap our hands around but try to avoid too many caffeinated drinks and reach for something herbal instead or try hot water with lemon or lime. Aiming to drink 2 litres of fluids a day (which is roughly 3 and a half pints) is our goal and our skin will thank us for it.
  2. Think about what foods our skin might love. If fruit and veg sprang to mind when reading this then you’re on the right track. Fruit and veg provide us with healthy fibre to keep our gut functioning optimally and keep our digestion moving which ultimately shows up on the skin. Vitamins and minerals, healthy fats and even extra hydration can be found within our fruit and veg, all adding to keeping our skin looking healthy, moisturised and glowing.Why not try adding a green smoothie to your day for a quick, easy and tasty way to increase your fruit and veg intake.

Following these very simple steps can make a huge difference in the appearance and feel of our skin and therefore how we feel within ourselves during these winter months. We hope this has helped to give you some inspiration of how you can give yourself and your skin that extra bit of TLC this winter. 

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7 Tips for Your Best Winter Skin

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