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Vegan Skin Care

We are very proud to feature on The Vegan Society’s Trademark Showcase, an area for trademark holders to explain what having the prestigious Vegan sunflower logo on their products means to them, as well as saying a little about their business. Click here to see our entry on the showcase.

Why is vegan skin care important? Because do you really need to use an animal by-product to look after your skin – no! Brands that carry the Vegan Trademark and also those that may not but still focus on vegan skin care are making the effort to make products for you that leave the animal kingdom alone. Of course there are arguments that ingredients such as beeswax are not negatively affecting bees or exploiting them; but if you can use alternatives such as the excellent Candelilla Wax then we believe you should! And products featuring ingredients like bee venom or even snail slime from farmed snails make me shiver. This may be because I used to have ‘pet’ snails in the garden but maybe not!

As well as the risk of negatively affecting animals – skin care ingredients derived from animals can also harm the skin – lanolin can stop the skin from breathing, beeswax can clog sensitive skins. We believe natural vegan skin care ingredients work in synergy with the skin and promote skin health, without the need for animal exploitation.

There are so many excellent plant-based ingredients – cocoa butter, almond oil, argan oil etc, we really don’t see the need to take an animal extract to nourish & beautify out skin.

So Blue Labelle will always make vegan skin care, for your benefit and for the benefit of our planet’s wonderful animals.

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Vegan Skin Care - Why Vegan Skincare


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