How to Prepare & Apply a Clay Facial Mask

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A shorter guide to using Rhassoul Clay can also be found on the Moroccan Spa Set product page (How to Use tab), including tips on how to use it for hair & body washing.

You’re probably wondering how to make a clay mask so it has the right consistency & does its job properly, so here’s my tutorial on how to prepare & apply a clay facial mask as part of a Hammam Spa-style facial treatment, so you too can enjoy a perfectly executed clay face mask.

Clay Face Mask Tutorial – What I’ll be Using:

I’ll be using Rhassoul Clay which is found only at the foot of the Atlas Mountains in Morocco. Known as the King of Clays it has a uniquely high mineral content and superb ability to detoxify skin whilst replenishing nutrients. Also featuring is an Argan & Rose oil blend to add extra nourishment & perfume to my mask, this is an optional extra – you can just use straight Rhassoul clay without any additions. A bamboo spoon & ceramic bowl is used, as you shouldn’t use metal with clays. I’ll be applying with a bamboo brush & removing the mask with the help of an organic hemp cloth. All of these items can be bought in the Blue Labelle Moroccan Spa section, and have been registered by The Vegan Society. Let’s begin!

clay face mask - how to make a clay mask

Step 1: Activate your clay with water / hydrosol

Add one flat bamboo spoon of clay into your bowl, you can also use Rhassoul clay for body & hair washing, you would need two spoons of clay or more for this.

clay face mask - how to make a clay mask

Agitate the bowl until the clay lays flat. Add approximately 1.5 spoons of water to the bowl, filtered is best, covering the powder (you may need to swill the bowl around so all clay is covered). Alternatively use a floral (hydrosol) water such as Rose or Lavender waters. Don’t mix it with the spoon at this stage, just leave it to do its thing.

clay face mask - how to make a clay mask
Agitate the bowl to flatten the clay, add approx 1.5 spoons of water covering the clay

It will take around 5 minutes to activate (it may bubble!). Whilst you wait, prepare your skin.

Step 2: Prepare the skin

If possible steam the face first, for example over a bowl of steaming water, to open the pores and prepare the skin. Now cleanse your skin. In a traditional Moroccan Hammam Spa you would get washed & scrubbed with Olive oil soap & Kessa glove in a steam room before Rhassoul clay is applied to your skin; here I used the Argan & Rose oil blend from the Moroccan Spa set to cleanse my skin and an organic hemp cloth to remove the oils & exfoliate. Oils cleanse the skin wonderfully through the action of dissolving the oil-based dirt & grime in the pores, they remove make-up easily too. Here’s how to cleanse your face with oils:

Pipette around 8 drops of oil into your hand, massage hands together and gently massage your face to break down make up dirt and grime. Wash hands, then whilst wet massage fingers gently on skin to begin to emulsify the oils. In hand-hot water soak then wring out the hemp cloth and gently massage the oil off the skin. Repeat that step again if necessary to remove the oil. You can use any cleanser that you like, choose a natural & organic one if you can though! Gently pat skin dry with a clean towel.

clay face mask - how to apply a clay mask

The clay paste should now be activated, give it a good mix with a non-metal spoon – you should have the consistency of a thick mousse.

clay face mask - how to make a clay face mask
Leave clay to activate, then mix into a mousse-like paste

At this point you can add a couple of drops of oil to the paste to add nourishment & perfume, I added 2 drops of the Argan & Rose oil blend. Another option is to add a drop of apple cider vinegar for pH balancing and help with acne / problem skin. 

clay face mask - how to make a clay mask

Step 3: Apply the clay face mask

Use a brush to apply a thick layer of clay paste to your face; covering all areas such as around the nose but avoiding the delicate eye area. I like to put extra clay on problem areas such as any pimples or dull looking areas. The mask will feel cooling and refreshing. Sit back and relax! If you have sensitive skin leave the mask on no longer than 5 minutes. Oily / problem skin leave up to 15 minutes. Mask can be kept moist by draping a hot hemp cloth over the face or brushing water over the face.

clay face mask - how to make a clay mask

Like with all clay masks – do not allow it to dry hard! There are 3 phases of a clay mask:
1) The wet phase where the skin absorbs the essential minerals contained in the clay
2) The cool phase where the skin’s blood flow is stimulated as the clay begins to contract and draw toxins out of the skin through ionic exchange, and
3) The dry phase where it feels hard & dry, here it will start to dry the skin out.

Step 4: Remove the clay face mask

When the mask feels sticky but beginning to dry (end of phase 2), remove the clay using warm water & a cloth massaging the skin as you go to exfoliate. It is normal if your skin looks a little flushed afterwards as the clay has stimulated blood circulation. 

clay face mask - how to make a clay mask

Once the mask was removed I applied 2-3 drops of the Argan & Rose Oil to seal in the benefits of the mask and impart further nutrients. You can use the facial oil of your choice, however Argan, Rose Oil & Rhassoul Clay have been used in combination for centuries and really do compliment each other perfectly.

Clean your brush, spoon & any sink splashes of clay with warm water.

clay face mask - how to make a clay mask

And you’re done! Your skin will be clean, exfoliated, replenished and nourished, doesn’t it feel silky smooth! That’s the wonderful natural ingredients you’ve used doing what they do best.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, and better yet – I hope you love how your skin feels & looks after your beautiful clay face mask.

Any questions please let me know in the comments section below.

Sending love!

pascale x

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