Why Natural Skincare?

It may surprise you to know the amount of potentially harmful additives found in skincare products. In his book Healthy Beauty, Dr. Samuel Epstein, an internationally recognised toxicologist, lists more than 80 known and hidden carcinogens, 30 known hormone disrupters and many other common allergens that are found in cosmetics and beauty products.

If you have a skincare product whose ingredients you would like to investigate, please check this website: http://www.cosmeticsdatabase.com which has a search function where you can find out an ingredient's toxicity along with references to the studies these results came from. Take special note of parabens, phthalates, paraffinum liquidum, sodium laureth sulfate, and propylene glycol. There are many more to be found, causing a range of problems that are reason enough for most to choose natural skincare. Here is another website which lists some nasty ingredients you'll find in the majority of skincare found on our shop shelves http://www.healthy-communications.com/harmfulingredients1.html

It may seem puzzling as to why chemical nasties are used in beauty products when natural ingredients provide all the excellent skin care benefits your skin deserves. Two major reasons are cost, and shelf-life. It is a lot cheaper to fill up a product with synthetic ingredients than natural ones, and with a highly competitive market some companies compromise on quality to offer low cost cosmetics. Shelf-life is important too; chemical preservatives allow a moisturiser to be safe to use for up to three years, and if you think about the large batches products are made in and how long they can be on the factory shelf before being finally delivered to a shop and bought, this extended shelf-life becomes a necessity.

Blue Labelle skincare oils use none of these nasties, not even a preservative. This is because pure oil blends are able to preserve themselves for at least one year (after opening), so we instead create small handmade batches that solely contain ingredients that provide wonderful, and natural, benefits to your skin.

Blue Labelle Cleansing Oils

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