Total Facial Kit

Your choice of cleansing oil & facial oil, with or without organic muslin cloths. 

As your facial and cleansing oils should last around the same time (4-5 months), why not buy them together and save a few pounds! 

If you're buying gifts make sure you tick the Gift-wrap option at checkout, to receive your bottles beautifully wrapped in tissue paper and a Blue Labelle gift bag too. 

If you need more information about the blends please see the individual product pages. 


Available Options:

Choose your Cleansing Oil:

Choose your Facial Oil:

Total With or Without Cloths:

Please see individual product pages for ingredients, and be reassured that all you will find in our blends is 100% natural and botanical oils, and nothing else.

The Cleansing Oils and Balancing & Toning Facial Oil may not be suitable for nut allergy sufferers.

Please see individual product pages for properties, and marvel at the power of these botanical oils! Properties include balancing sebum levels, clearing blocked pores, and minimising wrinkles! 

Cleansing Oil directions for daily use: 1. Massage 4-5 pumps onto a dry face and around the eyes. 
2. Soak a facial cloth in hand-hot water, wring out, then gently wipe the oil off in downward movements - this is to ensure you wipe the drawn out dirt away from the pores. You may prefer to use a cotton wool pad to remove eye makeup. 
3. Splash face with cool water, pat skin dry & follow with an application of Blue Labelle facial oil. 

Please note that once the pump has been used, a couple of drops of oil may remain in the pump mechanism which, if the bottle is agitated (carried around in a bag for example) these drips may come out of the nozzle and into the plastic cap. Don't worry though- only these couple of drips, if any, will come out.

Replace plastic cap after use. For use around the eyes - take care not to get product in the eyes - if this happens, rinse with clean water. 
Facial Oils: Use in place of a moisturising cream. A little goes a long way! Pipette 3-5 drops of oil into your palm and rub your hands together to warm the  oil. Massage the oil into your face and decolletage in upward circular movements.

Keep dry, cool & away from sunlight. 

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