About Skincare Oils

Using oils on your skin?! Yes!

Some may find using oils instead of creams unconventional, but oil blends have been used in skincare for thousands of years, and are becoming more and more popular in the modern beauty world.

The majority of creams and lotions are a blend of water and oil, some being as much as 70% water. The oil that is used is normally a cheap petroleum derivative named paraffinum liquidum which, in short, is not good for your skin, at all! In order to mix these two components an emulsifier is used, plus a preservative must be used due to the presence of water which can breed bacteria. Pure oils blends do not require emulsifiers or preservatives, instead each ingredient is used to bring benefits to your skin.

Our skin contains a sebum layer, made of natural oils, found at the skin's surface. This layer forms a protective barrier for our skin, and it is water-proof. A water-based moisturiser can therefore not penetrate this layer and take its ingredients down into the skin, instead it sits on top of the skin plumping the top layer of cells with water giving the impression of moisturised skin. Alternatively some moisturisers contain ethyl alcohol or ethanol which breaks down this sebum layer so that their ingredients can penetrate, which can be damaging to the skin, and can result in dryer skin so we feel we have to apply more cream, and the cycle continues.

As oil blends contain no water, their composition is quickly absorbed deep down into the tissue layers, taking their wonderful skin benefiting properties with them; Blue Labelle skincare oils provide your skin with nutrient antioxidant vitamins minerals proteins and omega oils, and their essential oils deliver wondrous properties to the body and mind.


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